Learn how to attack & win!

with Vlad Ghita

Meet Vlad

Chess coach and active tournament player

Are you rated under 1800 Elo and feeling stuck with your chess progress, despite playing a lot of games? I can identify your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your games, then create a custom training plan that will maximize the efficiency of your playing style.

My teaching style is focused on practical decision-making, which will help you win more games. I tailor the content of our lessons based on your current level and aspirations in chess.


Topics we cover during training sessions


Middlegame strategy

Endgame theory and practice

Tactics and attacking

Personalized game analysis

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The journey towards dominating the board in all phases of the game begins today. Start on your path towards chess mastery!

LITTLE KNOWN SECRET: As a chess coach, I strongly believe that working on endgames is the best way for a student to improve their overall understanding, and therefore see big rating gains! You can expect an increase of  ~200 points in raw playing strength after studying endgames for only 3 months.

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THE 80/20 RULE: A big increase in your chess understanding can be achieved by simply allocating more time to your weakest area! Oftentimes, that's the endgame. My book recommendation is Jeremy Silman's "Complete Endgame Course." You can find it on Amazon or Chessable.

STOP MEMORIZING OPENING LINES! You will spend a lot of time for minimal gains in your chess level. This is a pitfall many players fall into. Instead, watch Master games featuring the openings you like best and see how they continue in the later phases of the game.


Vlad Ghita

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"In my career, I have been taught by many strong chess players, but only a few could explain positions as clearly as Vlad does. He has a wide range of knowledge in the opening, whereas in the middlegame and endgame his unique and creative ideas come to light. There is a lot to learn from him."  

WFM Fruzsina Szente-Varga (2100 FIDE)